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Flint Fireforge


Name: Flint Fireforge

Race: Dwarf

Sex: Male

Height: 4'7"

Weight: 148 lbs

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Hazel

Birthday: The Eleventh of Aelmont, 203 A.C.

Personality: Flint loves, and cares for all of the companions. He feels he is like a father to them, and that without him, they would get into no end of trouble. He does, however, have somewhat of a short temper (especially with Tasslehoff), and tends to find himself reluctantly going where the companions lead. Flint is also the oldest of the companions.

During the War of the Lance: During the War of the Lance, Flint pretty much went wherever the group lead him. Eventually, during the first winter in the War of the Lance, his health started to break down, due to his rheumatism. Even through this, Flint never once mentioned this fact to anyone, not even Tanis, but rather he pushed along with the rest of the group.

After the War of the Lance: After the war had passed, Flint had already, for some time, been sitting on a tree next to Reorx's forge, whittling a block of wood, and waiting for "that rattle-brained kender", Tasslehoff, to join him.

Died: Flint died in the third Chronicles book, Dragons of Spring Dawning, of rheumatism.

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