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"Tanis" Tanthalas, Half-Elven


Name: "Tanis" Tanthalas, Half-Elven

Race: Half-Elf

Sex: Male

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: Brownish-Red

Eyes: Hazel

Birthday: The Ninth of Mishamont, 249 A.C.

Personality: Tanis was a natural born leader. He was very wise and, though not the oldest, was always in charge of the companions. He was a skilled fighter although he didn't like to fight unless it was necessary. He was very close to all the companions and trusted them all (except Raistlin, of who he was not always certain about).

During the War of the Lance: During the war Tanis was in charge of the companions wherever they went. At that time he was inwardly torn between the love of two women: Kitiara and Laurana. Eventually, he overcame his inner struggles. During the war, Tanis performed many great deeds, including playing a major role in the destruction of the Dark Queen's temple in Neraka.

After the War of the Lance: After the war Tanis, like the other companions, was considered a legend and a hero on Krynn. He married Laurana and they had a son, Gilthas. Gilthas was taken away to Qualinost, where he was crowned as the Speaker of the Sun and Stars, which was a union of the Silvanesti (Speaker of the Stars) and the Qualinesti (Speaker of the Sun) leaders. He didn't have much leadership skill and was just a puppet of Senator Rashas, a corrupt government official.

Died: Tanis died in the book Dragons of Summer Flame while defending the High Clerists Tower against the Knights of Takhisis.

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