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Kalin "Tasslehoff" Burrfoot


Name: Kalin "Tasslehoff" Burrfoot

Race: Kender

Sex: Male

Height: 3'9"

Weight: 85 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Birthday: The Second of Phoenix, 313 A.C.

Personality: Tasslehoff is curious, reckless, and immune to fear. His cheerful presence, and somewhat non-serious outlook on life, often angered the rest of the companions. Tasslehoff loved being with the group, especially Flint and Caramon, with whom he developed lasting friendships. Due to his curiosity, Tasslehoff often found himself with others' possessions.

During the War of the Lance: During the War of the Lance, Tas' helped out in many ways. He befriended Fizban, an old, but powerful wizard (who was actually the god Paladine). Fizban and Tas' helped in many unnoticed ways. As Fizban told Tas', he should leave the big problems to big people, and instead he should concentrate on what little things he could do. These "little things" included saving a gully dwarf from a dragon, breaking a Dragon Orb (for good reason), and many other helpful duties.

After the War of the Lance: When the war was over, Tasslehoff went on an "adventure" with Caramon in the Legends Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. After that, Tasslehoff went exploring all over Krynn, and eventually ran into a girl named Usha, in the book Dragons of Summer Flame. Together, they helped to defeat Chaos, who had been let loose upon Krynn. Tasslehoff caused Chaos to bleed, and the one drop of blood that came out, was used to banish Chaos from Krynn. Tasslehoff was an even bigger hero that after the War of the Lance.

Died: Tasslehoff was stepped on by Chaos, while he was trying to make him bleed. This was, of course, in Dragons of Summer Flame.

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